The Company

The Cryptic Studios management team has a solid, proven track record of leading the development of games and technologies that appeal to hardcore gamers and the mainstream audience.

Stephen D'Angelo Stephen D'Angelo Chief Executive Officer

Stephen D'Angelo brings gaming, technical, and leadership skills to Cryptic Studios. A graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Stephen lead software teams at large companies like IBM and Sun Microsystems as well as start-ups like webMethods and Composite. He specialized in large scale, distributed, mission-critical system. Stephen spent some time in physical product games, including contributing to the rules for Magic: The Gathering, and contributed to each of Cryptic's current game titles.

Stephen Ricossa Stephen Ricossa Executive Producer, Star Trek Online

Steve became a gamer in an age when the video game industry was truly coming into its own, and the creativity on display in that era inspired him to pursue a career in gaming. Since those early days he has become a fan of a wide range of gaming genres, including table top games and collectible card games. He worked for a handful of studios before he arrived at Cryptic in 2008. That early inspiration for gaming has matured into a drive towards creativity in the games he develops and in solid processes during development. He became Executive Producer for Star Trek Online in 2015, and his passion for game development and the business of free-to-play games continues to drive him forward.

David Gregory David Gregory Director of Software

David has been making games professionally since he graduated from Virginia Tech in 1991. He has led engineering teams at Electronic Arts, Emergent Game Technologies, and RockYou, among many other companies, and joined Cryptic in 2012. He specializes in team building, software design, content process, and fast iteration pipelines and runtimes.

Katie Ptucha Katie Ptucha Director of Human Resources

Katie came to Cryptic Studios in 2008 as an Associate HR Administrator after completing her collegiate degree at UC Santa Barbara. As a Division 1 athlete, Katie brought with her a desire to succeed and a team oriented attitude. She quickly found success and a love for Human Resources. As Katie realized the wide variety of tasks involved in Human Resources; such as recruiting, writing policy, and helping employees with benefits; she wanted more. Katie earned her Professional Human Resources Certification in 2012 and was promoted to the Director of Human Resources in 2015. Katie enjoys her day to day challenges and is motivated by her ability to make a positive impact on the lives of all Cryptic Studios employees.