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Cryptic Studios is currently looking for a Core QA Lead.  The Core QA Lead manages and mentors a quality assurance team that tests and maintains the Core Technology at Cryptic Studios, including the developer tools, websites, account management and billing servers, and various other game-related systems. Due to the size and complexity of these systems, the Core QA Lead must be able to delegate tasks effectively, as well as communicate ideas and problems in a clear and consistent manner to development and management.  The Core QA Lead must also partner with the leadership of the Core Team to make sure we consistently release stable updates to our Core Technology.

The Core QA Lead creates test plans, generates bug reports, attends operational meetings, administrates the bug database, assigns tasks to Core QA Testers, and tracks bugs with the Core development team. The position is by no means limited to these tasks; the applicant must be reliable and flexible in response to the demands of a fast-paced work environment, and up to the challenge of debugging the back-end systems of some of the world's best multiplayer online games!

Every day you could be:

  • Owning, Building, Training, Improving, Leading, and Advocating for your Team.
  • Partnering with Core Team Developers to improve the quality of our system and technology releases, both internal and external.
  • Providing feedback and guidance to other QA teams regarding the infrastructure platforms on which Cryptic games are launched.
  • Deploying test servers for testing and maintenance.
  • Assigning QA tasks to Core development teams and handling testing and configuration requests from core development.
  • Documenting test plans and test results for core systems and technology testing.

What we’d like to see:

  • 1-2 years’ experience leading a software testing team collocated with a development team.
  • Investment in improving and training your direct reports.
  • Strong understanding of Professional QA Procedures.
  • Excellent Troubleshooting Skills.
  • Internal drive to make better software.
  • Comfort working with internal users of our core systems and technology to continually find better ways to test and keep it stable.

All applicants should:

  • Display strong organizational skills and be capable of adapting to changing deadlines.
  • Be great learners.
  • Have prior experience with bug or task tracking software.
  • Feel comfortable with a command line.
  • Be able to parse rudimentary scripts.
  • Be comfortable with an ever-changing environment.
  • Be willing to share your ideas - we value communication and teamwork.
  • Be able to effectively communicate test results and software flaws to developers and quality assurance teams alike.
  • Be self-starting. We're looking for an applicant who is willing to ask questions when necessary, but who displays a willingness to troubleshoot systems independently when appropriate.
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