Cryptic Studios is seeking a skilled Content Designer to breath life into our upcoming Magic: The Gathering action MMORPG! With the support of our systems and level designers, you'll help us discover challenging enemies, script heartfelt narrative events, and build some really epic boss battles!


  • Brainstorm events alongside our writers and level designers as we realize the vision of our worlds
  • Use Cryptic's proprietary tools to script narrative beats and action combat encounters
  • Prototype new AI and iterate on gameplay mechanics with our systems designers
  • Balance each enemy and battle to provide the right amount of challenge and reward


  • Proven ability in creating and implementing characters, combats, and other events in any RPG environment
  • Skill using at least one content toolset, and the ability to learn new tools quickly
  • Understanding of how to build content that targets different audiences of different skillsets
  • Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Team-player with a strong desire to make a positive impact on our work culture
  • Portfolio examples of playable content, either from prior shipped games, or from recent personal projects


  • Prior shipped content in RPGs, MMORPGs or action RPGs
  • Experience designing raids, boss battles, or any form of co-op content
  • Design Degree, College Degree, or equivalent experience
  • Familiarity with Cryptic's games
  • Passion for the Magic: The Gathering universe
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