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Cryptic Studios is currently looking for a full-time Writer/Content Designer to work on the Magic the Gathering MMO design team. A successful candidate will be a creative team member with perfect grammar and editing skills who can write quickly and juggle a variety of tasks successfully. Although this position is primarily a writing position, this position would also be responsible for creating fun and balanced missions. Cryptic Studios sets a new standard for Massively Multiplayer Online role playing games. We strive to give our fans new experiences that knock their socks off. Located in Northern California in Los Gatos, we create the fun, focused and casual atmosphere of a small developer. We actively balance our work with the personal lives of our employees. At Cryptic, everyone’s ideas matter. We only hire the best and most talented people who love the work, the genre and the game.

Every day you could be:

  • Contributing to the story and events of the game to realize the vision of the Lead Designer and Executive Producer on the project.
  • Planning the framework for story-based content for individual missions, overall zones, instanced content, events, characters, and working to fully flesh out the story of a living, breathing MMO game world.
  • Using proprietary tool set to implement story-based missions and game content, dialogue, cut scene scripts and other text in the game.
  • Writing and editing feature articles, short fiction pieces, guides and interviews for our web sites.
  • Proofreading and editing in-game text and community-facing messaging for spelling, grammar, accuracy and consistency with intended messages.
  • Working with other team members and departments while overseeing the execution of your own assignments.
  • Acting as a source of knowledge for Magic the Gathering and Magic the Gathering MMO canon.
  • Coordinating voiceover recording sessions and providing direction to voiceover actors.

What we’d like to see:

  • Expert-level knowledge of the Magic the Gathering IP, from gameplay proficiency to fiction canon.
  • Knowledge or enthusiasm for the entire fantasy genre, ranging from video games and books, to table top games and pen and paper RPGs.
  • Professional writing abilities, including a strong knowledge of grammar, spelling and style.
  • Creative writing or screenplay credits.
  • Experience in audio production or voiceover direction.
  • Two plus years of professional experience as a video game writer or designer.
  • Shipped at least one previous game title.
  • Created quests for a published RPG or MMORPG.
  • Experience with a 3D editor.
  • Experience in MMOs and RPG games as a player.
  • 4-year degree in a relevant field required (or equivalent experience in a relevant field)

If you have made a UGC Foundry mission in Star Trek Online or Neverwinter, let us know so we can check it out! Include the name of the mission and your author name in your cover letter and/or resume and we will take a look.

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